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GIM Guide Updates

All new content, features and bug fixes 



  • New guidelines have been added: Anaemia, Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis, Metabolic acidosis in CKD, Telemetry guidance, Indications for and to remove cardiac monitoring (Under telemetry section in cardiology)



  • The Forum: A space for GIM doctors to discuss all things related to training, work and life in Plymouth

  • User Accounts: Customise your app experience and access exclusive content including GIM teaching and audits when you sign up.

  • E-Learning: A new Audit and QIP section has been added to share GIM audits and relevant data, this will enable GIM doctors to learn from previous audits as well as utilise this information when formulating new audits/re-auditing.



  • Smart Tiles: Smart tiles covering most internal medicine fields

  • Access to health tool box for a comprehensive list of UHPT Guidance

  • GIM weekly teaching presentations

  • Access to Microguide

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